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I just want to say, if you are Injured at Work in NH, this is the Guy to see.
I Injured my Knee in April of 2013, and Contacted Loo Law Offices when Workers Comp. Carrier Hired an Atty. to Contest my Injury Claim.
At out first meeting, he told me what the Process would be like in dealing with their Lawyers.
I was Scared that I would get Rolled Over by a Big Ins. Co. when all I wanted was to receive the Medical Treatment that was needed.
After having Surgery to Repair a Torn Meniscus, Months of Physical Therapy, a Litany of Steroid Injections, and as a Last Resort by my Surgeon, I was informed that I needed to have a Total Knee Replacement.
I was Working at the time of my Injury 50-60 Hrs. per week as a Chef, and was only able to return to Work on a Part time Basis. The Ins. Carrier Denied the Knee Replacement, and Atty. Loo Fought for me, going above and beyond my expectations.
Needless to say, I had the Knee Replacement, but then there were complications with the Recovery, and again, Months of Painful Physical Therapy, and at this point I was unable to return to Work in any capacity whatsoever, and again, he fought for me against the Carrier, as I was in fear of becoming Homeless, unable to pay any Bills, and being in constant Pain.
It was a Long Road, as the Case Dragged on, the Ins. Carrier Stonewalled every request for treatment that was necessary.
After 2 and 1/2 Years, after the Knee Replacement, he Settled my Case, and I was floored by the results he produced.
It will be 5 Yrs. this April since the initial Injury, and I have since moved from NH to Ga.., being Stonewalled once again in getting the Carrier to Transfer my Care to a Pain Management Provider here in Ga., and after a Year attempting to get them to live up to the Settlement, he is still Fighting for me to this very day.
I highly recommend him if you find yourself in the situation as I found myself in.
He is the Man, and will Fight for you all the make sure you get the Medical Care you need, and if you are unable to return to your Job, a Settlement that will help you move on with your Life,
Thank You so very much Eugene, you are a Champion for the Little Guy!!!!  - MR 02/04/2018






It is with great pleasure that I recommend Attorney Loo's services. I was involved in a car accident in which a young woman ran a red light at an excessive speed on a busy intersection and broad sided me. As I began to sort things out, I was so overwhelmed that I called Attorney Loo for assistance, as he had helped me in the past. His knowledge and known ability helped me to feel better as he guided me through the difficult process. His competence in dealing with the troubling insurance issues helped me to feel I had nothing to worry about and my stress level was lowered substantially. I would sincerely recommend Attorney Loo to anyone, as his tenacity has never failed me and I am very grateful for all of his help. -PMR 12/11/2017




WORK INJURY: First I would like to thank you so much Attorney LOO for helping me through the Workers Comp process.


I injured my back at work to the point I could not even put my socks on. I was seen by the chiropractor, physical therapy  and received spinal injections. I had my good days and bad days. There where times when I thought I was on the right track to go back to work and then I would have another episode. Workers Comp sent me to a doctor of their choosing. That’s when Workers Comp dropped my medical. I had no idea what to do and was scared. I contacted Attorney LOO, he explained in detail the Workers Comp process. I felt like the bad guy here even though I had done nothing wrong. When I had any questions he was very prompt to answer me back. He kept me informed through out the entire process. In the end we won the hearing and ended up settling my case. Again, thank you.   ----  -RM 08/2017



WORK ACCIDENT    Thanks for the constant support and confidence you have provided for me in the last ten years dealing with my Workman Compensation problems.  We have dealt with issues as mileage reimbursement problems, prescription issues, medical bills, doctors visits, workman comp. denial letters; all matters resolved quickly and in a proper manner amicable to both parties.  Attorney Loo and I have gone to court, over (3) three times, and won, not only our cases, but their appeals as well.  


Every issue to this date, Attorney Loo has taken the time to thoroughly "listen" to what I have been  saying and really empathizes with my cause, to try to determine a resolution representing me, as his client, and doing so in a manner to form a long-lasting, peaceful relationship with my workmens comp. insurance company.  -NP 5/2017




CAR ACCIDENT   I had the privilege of working with Attorney Loo after my car accident. Some one ran a red light and t-boned me. My insurance covered some of the expenses, but when the bills kept coming, I wasn't sure what to do. I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised how smooth everything went after hiring Attorney Loo. He was very pleasant and explained it all. He kept me informed through the process. I wasn't able to get anywhere on my own and felt the person who hit me should have some responsibility for my bills. Attorney Loo made sure I had all the information I needed to make any decisions. -JB 04/2017



CAR ACCIDENT I would recommend attorney Loo to anyone in need! As a young girl in a car accident, attorney Loo helped me out greatly. The stress and frustration of dealing with insurance companies disappeared. Thankfully for Atty. Loo, we were able to settle my case. Everything went smoothly and I was informed every step of the way! Cannot thank attorney Loo enough!! -SG 4/2016




As a Client of Atty. Loo, I would Highly recommend him  for any dealings you may find yourself involved in in regards to Personal Injury, or Workers Comp.

After Injuring myself at Work, having Surgery, Lots of P.T. to no avail, I was Told I needed a Total Knee Replacement, so I contacted Atty. Loo who, through the Process of getting this done, kept me Up to Date with what was going on in a Clear, Concise, and Highly Informed Manner.

At the End of the Day, I am getting the Surgery done, and am very happy with his handling of my Case. He would be the First Person, God Forbid, I would call if I'm ever Injured again.


Great Job Atty. Loo!!

Thank You, 

-MR      01/2015




CAR ACCIDENT                             

"I wish to thank you for all your hard work, as well as making a very difficult time for me much less difficult.You did an excellent job explaining the entire process to me. You kept me updated, consistently and always within the time frame that you mentioned.  I felt that you did an excellent job every step of the way. I felt very well prepared. I believe that was a result of you being well prepared. Hopefully I will not need your services in the future. However if I did, I would not consider working with anyone else.I would recommend  you without hesitation."   -KS   12/2014


                                                            REPETITIVE WORK INJURY

" I suffered from repetitive motion injury to my wrist, elbow and shoulder for several years, ultimately causing the loss of my 20+ year job. As if the fear, pain and physical limitations weren't enough to deal with, the legal issues(eek) were way over my head, Attorney Loo explained my rights to me in plain English and fought for me to receive them so I was able to concentrate on my recovery. I can't begin to imagine what I would have done without his professional help! " -RK 11/2014




"I fell from a height at work, fractured 5 vertebrae, had a hernia, and bladder trauma. I had to keep fighting just to get the right diagnoses. Then, there was the worker's comp stuff and so much confusion. Attorney Loo stepped in and took care of all the legal issues so I could  focus on getting better. I have now returned to work."

-ML 05/2014     


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