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Worker's Compensation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How much does an attorney cost?
A: I am paid for Worker’s Compensation cases by a percentage of the amount I win for you. In the event that you receive ongoing weekly benefits, no percentage is taken from your weekly check.
Q: Can I avoid the hassles of a Worker’s Comp Claim and just pay my medical bills through health insurance?
A: Big mistake. Health insurance only covers medical bills. Worker’s Comp pays medical bills, disability benefits, and permanent impairment in addition to providing return to work rights and vocational rehabilitation benefits.
Q: How are my disability benefits calculated?
A: Generally, an injured worker receives 60% of his/her average weekly wage. For example, if you gross $700 a week on average, your weekly total disability benefit would be $420 each week (60% of $700).
Q: Can I get money for mileage?
A: Yes. Roundtrip mileage of about 50 cents per mile is paid for mileage to all medical appointments including visits to doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc. 
Q: Are Worker’s Comp carriers “out to get me” or trying to make things harder for me?
A: No. HOWEVER, the Worker’s Comp carrier will protect its rights and you should not forget that an insurance company’s interests are not the same as yours. My job is to protect your rights and interests.
Q: Will I have to go to a Labor Department Hearing?
A: Maybe. Many issues can be resolved through negotiation; however, both sides (yours and the insurance carrier) have the right to petition the Department of Labor for a hearing. These issues can include: payment of disability benefits, medical bills, permanent impairment awards, vocational rehabilitation and others.If it is necessary to go to a hearing, the Worker’s Comp carrier will use their own attorneys who are going to protect the insurance company’s rights. I will be there to protect you at that hearing. I have leveled the playing field for my clients for almost 30 years to help them protect their rights as injured workers. Call me. I can help you!
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